Hope for Children

Providing a loving home

especially for children who have lost their parents at a very young age,

who experienced humiliation, hunger, physical and mental torture and lack proper and secure homes.

Hope for a Future

providing free quality education

for the orphans and children from poor backgrounds to invest in their future.

All the children are smart and intelligent, and they deserve a quality education.

Hope for Nagaland

serving the communities

living in poverty with education and extend the love and care of God through basic physical needs

Founding and Vision of the Eliezer Children Home

The Eliezer Children Home was founded under the School of Social Work (SSW) by the name Eliezer Shelter Home. The Organization shelters rescued children from human traffickers with the help of the local police department. The children who are taken in, come from a very poor family background.

The children are mostly orphans and therefore they have to stay over a longer period of time, since there is no place for them to go. Seeing the hopeless situation of these children, the Board of SSW decided to give education and a secure home to those children and renamed it as the Eliezer Children Home.

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