Scholarship sponsors

Since 2017 the Eliezer Children home takes the initiative to support children for their education through scholarships. The scholarships are funded by the Isojoen Seurakunta Lutheran Church in  Finland.

For Whom

The scholarship will be for the orphan children in Nagaland, India from 13 years and above and those who cannot join in the children home but want to continue their studies.

Why Scholarship

There are many children who became orphans at the age of 13 or 14 years of age and stay with their relatives who are compelled to stop their schooling because of the financial problems and burden. Moreover, those children cannot come to our children home or another orphan home because of their age limitation, but they still want to continue in their studies. Therefore looking at the situation of the children, the scholarship will be granted for their school admission fees and monthly tuitions fees.