How can I support the Eliezer Children Home?

You can tell other people about our project. Please pray for us. If you are able you can support us financially - check out the section "donations".

How can I help a child?

You can sponsor a child. This will cover care, education and other daily costs. We propose a sort of guardparentship. You will get anual reports about your guard child. Find out more in the section "donations"

Can I come and help you there?

In principal, everyone is welcome to stay and live with us. We may ask you for some money regarding provisions. You are also welcome to do an internship or a voluntary year with us. If you are interested, let us know. Just write us a message through the contact forumlar.

How can we partner with you?

If you want to support us as a church or organisation let us know. We are always looking to expand our partnerships with people and organisations that share or want to be part of our vision. Just send us an e-mail.

Who is in charge of the website?

Our website's admin Michael Ortner will take care of suggestions and all problems regarding the website. You can drop him a mail here. Make sure that you select him as recipient.

How can I sign up for a newsletter?

If you are interested in signing up for our newsletter please send us a mail. We will then put you into our distribution list. If you sponsor a child you will get an additional anual report about the childs development.

Who takes care of the tax receipts for the donors?

This will be done by one of our German partners GMS e.V. They will write you an anual tax receipt that lists your donations. This is acknowledged by the german goverment. If you have something similar in your country, you can also get the receipt. We cannot tell you if it will be accepted there. You can find more about that in the section "donations".


House No. 27, Khel 2

Chumukedima A Village,

Dimapur 797103 - Nagaland

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Director: Mr. Tinumeren Ozukum

Chairwoman: Mrs. Aosen Imchen

Secretary: Dr. Chubakumzuk

Advisor: Mr. Y.I. Imchen

and other board members


Govt.Regd.No. RS- 1729 (Acts. 1860)

Mobil: +91-8416058806

Mail: click here