Verein für Gemeindeaufbau Mission und Sozialwesen e.V.

Supports us by managing our German donations and with our website.

International Jesus Church Erlangen

helps us with financial support and everyday challenges.

Shweta Kanvinde Rana

is a lifetime supporter for the Eliezer Children Ministry and she is spreading the word about the children home in India by word and through social media. Her aim is to give good quality education to our kids. Because of her great love for the children, she stresses the importance of longterm support to give the children the chance of a self sustaining life in the future. With her many international contacts and her regular visits at the children home she is a very important member of our Eliezer Family.

Isojoki Evangelical-Lutheran Parish in South-Ostrobothnia in Finland






Support us finacially with school scolarships for kids outside of the Eliezer Home and other projects


Rev. Jari Kuusi, Pastor of the Isojoki Lutheran Church