Michael Ortner

Michael Ortner: "I always wanted to found a childrens home. First I thought about doing it in Germany. But now I have the chance to be part of something that in the long run will have an even greater impact. Investing in orphans in India with time and money will help even more children that I could help in Germany. I always loved to take care of technical issus. That is why I became an Electrical Engineer. Taking care of our website is fun and recreation for me. Well at least most of the times.

Beeing also Tinumeren's friend I was able to be part of the founding process and Tinu's life in Germany. Experienced the conviction and determination that this man had after he encountered the children I could only help him. I try to serve as a lieson between our partner churches and find new partners. I also help to translate mails and our Newsletters.

I would like to encourage you to be also part in our ministry, having experienced the joy and satisfaction in serving those children."