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Founding and Vision of the Eliezer Children Home

The Eliezer Children Home was founded under the School of Social Work (SSW) by the name Eliezer Shelter Home. The Organization shelters rescued children from human traffickers with the help of the local police department. The children who are taken in, come from a very poor family background.

The children are mostly orphans and therefore they have to stay over a longer period of time, since there is no place for them to go. Seeing the hopeless situation of these children, the Board of SSW decided to give education and a secure home to those children and renamed it as the Eliezer Children Home.

Dr. Tinumeren Ozukum and Mrs. Aosenla Imchen with son Arlen and daughter Kiteren

The beginning of Eliezer Children Home

It was in January 2015 when the Executive Director of Eliezer Children Home approached our family to take the responsibility of the Eliezer Children Home. This was a call from god to me and my wife to start a ministry. At that time, I was in Germany and my wife was in India with our one month old son. We did not have any financial support and we were hardly surviving for ourselves. Practically, it was very difficult for our family to accept this responsibility, but we were very touched by the testimony of these children. Many of them went through torture, hunger and humiliation before they were brought to our home. Therefore, with much prayer and faith, my wife and I took up this great responsibility, with the help and support from GMS and International Jesus Church, Erlangen Germany, to nurture and help these children. It is our confidence that God will use the Eliezer Children Home ministry to give hope and a better future for all these young children.

Our Children 

The Eliezer Children Home, is a home especially for the children who have lost their parents at a very young age. It started on 15th January 2015, under the NGO, called School of Social Work. The children are between 3-10 years old. All the children are smart and intelligent, and they deserve a quality education and love from us as their parents, brothers and sisters. Our family alone cannot fulfil all their needs and therefore, we want you to be a part of our ministry through your prayer and financial support.

Children’s background

The children are from very poor backgrounds and many of them have experienced humiliation, hunger, physical and mental torture without proper and secure homes and family to take care of them.


The vision of the Eliezer Children Home is to build a secure environment, with proper education and sound moral teaching. We want to help the children to overcome any psychological tension they may have experienced by supplying proper counselling and guidance. In the long run, Eliezer Children Home, plans and envisions to be a centre of free education for the orphans and children from poor backgrounds.

Partnership plan

At present, the children home is in a rented building which does not have convenient space for recreation and other developmental activities. We are looking for individuals, family, groups, organizations and churches to partner with our ministry. This partnership will enable us to be in a better position to find a safe and convenient environment for the children and together we can build a new shelter for many more orphans. We also welcome volunteers interested in coming and staying with us to help in our ministry.

Sponsor a child 

Love is what everyone needs today, especially children who have never experienced parental love. They are looking for your help to show them love and care. You can show your love by giving something from what you have, because your support will make a difference in a child's life today.

Organizations or individual child sponsors may get more personally involved with Eliezer by sponsoring a child.

Your sponsoring will be used towards quality child care which includes daily provisions, education and supervision as well as healtcare.

A child sponsor will receive an annual update of the child sponsored.


House No. 27, Khel 2

Chumukedima A Village,

Dimapur 797103 - Nagaland

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Director: Mr. Tinumeren Ozukum

Chairwoman: Mrs. Aosen Imchen

Secretary: Dr. Chubakumzuk

Advisor: Mr. Y.I. Imchen

and other board members


Govt.Regd.No. RS- 1729 (Acts. 1860)

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