Sponsor a Child

The estimated costs for care and education per child amout to about 100€ per month. This includes all the care, education costs for private school, power, rent as well as the wages for our staff. Especially education is important to us. You do not need to donate the full amount. Just a part of it, will be very helpful.

The state school is not suifficient to give a child a good start into life. Only a private school can offer quality education in India. Without enough support we can only send our children to a state school. You can sponsor the entire costs for one or more children alone, or share the responsibility with others.We reccomend the following steps if you want to only sponsor a part of the costs:

 Please include the word sponsorship in the intended purpose when you set up the money transfer with your bank.

Our current Progress on the Donations

Our current Progress on the Donations for House and School Building


Single Donations without intended Purpose or for specific Projects

Beyond support on a regular basis we also need donations for projects and the day to day expenses.

Rent: At the moment we live in a rent building. In the long run this will cost us much money we could use for the support of other children.

Minibus: We also desperatly are in need of a minibus that is big enough for all the kids.

House: We already bought our land and want to build a house.

School Building: In the future we want to serve the community also with the Eliezer School.

If you are willing to bless us with a single donation you may choose from the above projects or you can also give us money for freely useage. Money for freely usage is even more important for us, since we also have to take care of the unexpected costs that come up. Please include a word like car or house, or free useage in the intended purpose when you set up the money transfer with your bank.