Our Team

Tinumeren und Aosenla Imchen Ozukum

The Children home is lead by Tinumeren and Aosenla Imchen Ozukum. Tinumeren Ozukum beeing the official chairman of the orphanage. Together with his wife they serve the children as their parants. Altough having a son of their own, Arlen, they don't want to differentiate between the children. They love and care for the orphans just as they were their own.

                    Dominik Rittweg                

Dominik Rittweg has been amongst the founders of the project from the very beginning. He serves as the lieson between several groups, organisations and churches. Together with his wife he is coordinating the pedagogical assistance of SyStep e.V. (Hof /Saale). He is a pastor in the German Lutheran Church and works there with young adults and does missionary work. The last Trip to Nagaland (2018) and the frequent conctact with the family Ozukum connects the whole family Rittweg with Eliezer.

Daniel Quick

Daniel Quick joined the team in 2016. As a close friend of the family Ozukum he visits them regularly in India and invests in the personal relations to the parents and the kids. He is also coordinating the planning and execution of the construction of the new house. 

Daniel is working as a software engineer in Stuttgart and is engaged in voluntary work with the SMD worldwide. In the future he will do the coordination and instruction of the volunteers going to the Eliezer home. 

Franziska & Michael Ortner

Michael Ortner has been amongst the founders of the project from the very beginning and connects GMS with the Eliezer Home. Franziska joined in the year 2018. 

Michael and Franziska are responsible for the Homepage, the translation of the Newsletter and support the organisation and transparency of the finances in Germany.

Both are working in the field of electrical engineering and support the home with tools for the day to day organisational tasks. 


Cook for Eliezer Home of Hope


Teacher for Eliezer Home of Hope


Driver for the Eliezer Home of Hope


House no 65, Block 5,

Gegenüber Sumi Naga Christian Revival Church (NCRC), 

Nähe Unity Village Public Ground. 5th Mile,

Unity Village,

Dimapur 797115 - Nagaland

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Director: Mr. Tinumeren Ozukum

Chairwoman: Mrs. Aosen Imchen

Secretary: Dr. Chubakumzuk

Advisor: Mr. Y.I. Imchen

and other board members


Govt.Regd.No. RS- 1729 (Acts. 1860)

Mobil: +91-8416058806

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